An Afternoon of Enlightenment


I know that it sounds hokey pokey / hippie dippy, but I am totally one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that slow person who is placed in front of you when you are moving at warp speed is a sign that you need to slow down.  I believe that things aren't meant to be when items or plans aren't readily available / don't work out (I believe this, even though it is INCREDIBLY hard for me to digest sometimes).  I believe that sometimes our pets choose us instead of vice versa, I believe that people who have twins are meant to have twins (I HAVE to believe this),  I believe that we are given what we can handle in life, and I believe that some people are put in our path RIGHT when we need them to be, as was the case this past Saturday afternoon.

For a variety of reasons, my Saturday morning got off to a rough start.  Even though we have three kids, I often look forward to a smooth sailing weekend, where we can take our time (whatever that means), hang out, and do things that make us happy.  None of this was happening on Saturday morning, which left me feeling really frustrated, and couldn't wait to take my 11:30 yoga class with my favorite instructor.  I needed to zen breathe through my toes (again...whatever that means).  I needed to stop and listen to the quiet, to calm down my brain, and just get back to me for 1.5 hours.  I was incredibly flustered from the offset..I left my house in an annoyed frantic hurry as I jumped into my Lyft...not the way you want to start a yoga class.

My driver's name was Gary, I could tell from the moment that I jumped into his car that there were some "good vibes" going on in his coche, he might as well have been the sea turtle from "Finding Nemo", he was so chill.  Our conversation started out with the polite banter one does with their driver.  He noticed that I was on my way to yoga and he started talking about how he practices chi gong.  He told me that he was in a chi gong advocacy group that mainly supports vets (which he is) who suffer from PTSD
(which he does), but also supports and welcomes people who suffer from urban PTSD, which apparently is very similar and has many of the same symptoms.  As Gary spoke to me about all of this, I was super fascinated, but I also couldn't tell if I wanted him to shut up or keep talking.  I was having such a hard morning that I kind of wanted to just sit in silence on the way to class, but I also felt like he was telling me all of this for a reason....and I almost burst into tears, because I knew that I needed this talk.

Before I got out of the car, Gary practiced a breathing exercise with me, that initially had me thinking "come the F*ck on Gare", but actually felt really good, and had me blurting out "Thanks for the ride, I needed this." to which he responded, " I know you did, that's why you're here"......boom.

The experience didn't end there.  My regular yoga instructor is a man who is incredibly in-tune with emotions, mentality, and the human body in general. Not in a "let's eat granola together and read our tea leaves" kind of way, but just in a way where, but he is very "present" I guess is the best way to put it.  His class is usually just what I need to set me on the right track for the rest of the day, and even sometimes, for the weekend.  He gives me the right amount of push without making me feel like I am going to die (unless that is the kind of practice I want that day).  I am rambling.

My instructor sometimes shares excerpts during our classes, as many instructors do, but the story and excerpt he shared on Saturday was absolute uncanny perfection.  He told us a story of how when Ghandi came to America for the first time, one of the first things he noticed was how self critical we are as Americans, and how no matter how little Indian people had or were able to do, they never criticized themselves for it.  My instructor said that over all of the years that he has taught yoga, both in studio and during private matter the age...his students are always critical of themselves.  He then went on to read a passage around embracing yourself in whatever stage you are in or going through.

This resonated with me, because it was largely what had gone wrong with my morning, and why I felt that I REALLY needed that 11:30 class.  We as parents and people can't always control our lives and things don't always turn out the way we want them to...they often don't....they just happen the way they are supposed to, not sometimes....all of the time.

Be kind to yourself.  #mondaymessage