The Practice of Giving and Receiving


I have been in a strange mood for the past two weeks.  I have been REALLY the point where I can't shake it...which makes me crankier.  Within this last few weeks, I have been easily flustered, overwhelmed, stressed.  I have constantly felt like I am on the verge of exploding (and no...I'm not PMSing).

Granted, things have been stressful at home (which..they always are), unusually stressful at work, and in my brain....everything just seems to be jumbled.  Even my dreams have been stressful.  I keep having these dreams that I am trying to escape from something...but I am watching myself try to escape as another person...weird right?

I have always heard this theory, that you receive the energy that you put out...which (as granola as it might sound to some of you), I believe is innately true.  I believe that if you are kind and have a general positive outlook on life, it comes back to you in one way or another.  This is easy for me to say, as I truly believe that I was born with a proverbial lucky penny somewhere on my being....things (generally) unfold for me at the right time (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!).  With that said....things for me the past few weeks haven't unfolded for me as easily as they usually do (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!)

That's right...along with my crankiness (and some might*t attitude), I have had a seemingly more difficult time with everything....well...pretty much everything.  From my commute (which included some person getting mad at me for almost stealing "her" seat), to ordering food, to stomach trouble, to getting a flat tire, to being clumsier than usual (and I am reeeaaalllll clumsy), to stepping in dog doo doo THREE TIMES in my own backyard.....the weeks have been unfolding in a comically not comical way, that has just left me feeling more frustrated and crankier than when I started off!

I know that this post might totally sound like whining, but I found it interesting as I waited for my afternoon fix of coffee at my regular old coffee shop, where I ordered my regular old cup of coffee with almond milk....and they got confused with the order (??????????), and then I went to throw out my stir stick and there was no garbage bag in the trash can. I just felt like Eeyore!

Despite my 2 week run as a crank-a-saurus, I try to wake up with a positive attitude every morning...which, I'm not going to lie is really hard sometimes (all the time).  I even texted my husband today "is mercury in retrograde or something?"  to which he replied "I don't know"....which I knew he didn't.